Is Money Really The Root Of All Evil?


Could it be a cultural thing, a generational thing, or just a lie that we learned along the way that money is the root of all evil. How many times we have heard that in our lifetime?

Money is not evil, the LOVE of MONEY however is. If you want to make money for self serving purposes – that is called greed. When you want to make money to influence, inspire, uplift and change the world that is called a visionary. On my Beachbody cruise I had the pleasure of sitting next to a woman who said she is so eager to make it to Elite status and she is determined to make it happen soon! Elite in our Beachbody business means you are making a few thousand dollars a week JUST on just residual income. I didn’t think much of it because heck who wouldn’t want to make a few thousand dollars a week on residual income? She then blew my mind when she said what she would do with her money. She said she is going to Africa to adopt a child – she might have said two children but I can’t recall. I still have chills thinking of this story because THAT is exactly the tremendous power that money has – it can change lives. Money empowers us to help others. The more money we make, the more people that we can help. What would our world look like if Joel Osteen, Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins said….I want to help people, but I don’t want to make a penny from my craft? They would have never reached the masses, they would have missed their calling and WE would have missed the opportunity to be enlightened. Millions would have never been blessed with their generous donations, foundations and the world movement of teaching others to pay it forward.

Since Marlon (my husband) passed away I have learned that I am not afraid to make money, and that I am not ashamed to say that I want to make money – lots of it because I want to do my small part in changing the world! As a child of God I am here to serve, and I find that the better off I am, the more I can bless others, and in return the more that I am blessed for my obedience. It’s a beautiful cycle. When Marlon died all I could think of was wanting to give back. Not knowing what my future held, I wrote a check to my church for the amount that came to my heart and I told my Pastor that I needed to give back because I felt so incredibly blessed. God called me to do that, and I cannot begin to tell you how many times over that donation has been multiplied not just monetarily but in blessings. Giving does not require you to be rich, but when you do have more, you should certainly give more.

The second myth about money is that money does not make you happier. Yep, that could be true, but being poor doesn’t make you happier either. Having money does not make your life worry free, but it sure as heck makes things easier. Financial problems are one of the top reasons marriages end in divorce. Lack of money is why dreams are crushed and people end up running a never ending rat race feeling unfulfilled day in and day out. Money is feared by those that don’t have it and taboo in certain households. Money was the number #2 reason I almost got divorced in 2011. Communication was #1. It has taken me 39 years to overcome my fear of talking about money and removing the shame from wanting to make more of it.

I am taking money very seriously these days and I have enrolled in a 9 week course to teach me how God wants me to handle my money because for my entire adult life I have gotten it all wrong. BIG TIME! I want to teach my kids what it has taken me a lifetime to learn – Money is not about self serving purposes, it’s about changing the world! And when they are ready to go out and make some money – they will work with their heart and not with their bank account in mind.

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