Insanity was my Sanity!


When I started doing INSANITY in March 2012, I started working out because I was in such a dark place due to my husband’s recent diagnosis. I wanted to challenge myself mentally so that I could overcome my depression. INSANITY not only kicked my depression, but I also managed to lose 50 pounds and was able to deal with stress so much better. At my husband’s memorial I had an aha moment when I realized that Insanity also prepared me physically for the final weeks of my husband’s life. Toward the end of John-Marlon’s life, he struggled physically – and just like it says in the song I played at his funeral by Phillip Phillip’s – “you’re my crutch when my legs stop moving” – I was indeed just that to John Marlon. I was his crutch when his legs stopped moving.

I lifted him, supported him, physically moved his legs, maneuvered his body ever so carefully. Even in the presence of other men, he refused anyone else’s offer to lift him; he entrusted only me with his delicate condition.

I am just 120 pounds, but he knew I was physically strong to lift his heavy frame and hold him up as long as it took for him to gain his balance. Insanity not only made me one tough cookie mentally, but it prepared my body like a well oiled machine ready for battle. In the end I lost my husband, but I gained a tremendous respect for who I am and what I am capable of. He would be proud.

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