Inner Peace Trumps All

site de rencontre via smartphone Nov 12

like this As I drink my green tea and stare out my window – I realize how calming the snow is. It reminds me that the holiday’s are just around the corner. I have many emotions stirring up within, but I have learned to tame them to work for me. The moment I begin to get anxious I just step back and realize that I have simply said “YES” to too many things. Learning how to say “I can’t”, “I am unavailable”, “I have too much on my plate” or “I’ll try” and that includes promises I made to myself is just darn hard, but necessary at times. This is quite challenging to me because I have been a people pleaser my entire life. On this – my first holiday season without my husband, I realize that my inner peace trumps all, and even if I let others down with not being able to follow through – I have given myself a pass to forgive myself because I have never travelled this road before, and I have never put my mental health first. MY constant people pleasing and carrying the world’s weight on my shoulders led me into a vortex of chaos. When I pleased everyone, I only failed myself. By failing myself is no way to please everyone. Don’t you agree?