Index Cards are my new best friend!


Tonight I had the kids create their own personalized memory box. I found myself gasping for air every time the kids mentioned a memory of their dad because it saddened me to think that they may forget their sweet memories as time passes. I thought…should I grab a camcorder, record it in my journal, just leave it be…my brain has hurt for the last month trying to figure out how to preserve his memory in a meaningful way. Today that all changed. INDEX CARDS will be our new best friend. We will have index cards in the car, at home, in my purse, in their backpacks, everywhere! Whenever a memory of their dad comes to mind, they will write a sentence or two of their memory and place it in the box when they get home.

When the box gets full we will create a scrapbook with those notes, and hopefully one day even match them up with pictures.

I may even do one for myself!

This pic was about a month before his sickness surfaced. Just surreal- how your life can be transformed literally overnight. Be grateful for this very moment!

Thank you God for allowing us to have 15 years together of growing, learning, loving, and mostly for blessing John-Marlon and I with peace beyond any understanding. Please continue to bless Marken, Natalia and Ava with your light and strength.

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