If You Must Judge, Look In The Mirror First


Happy Sunday everyone! This morning I got a gentle reminder that not everyone is meant to understand my journey – and that is all good. Putting on my 6 inch heels and slipping into my size zero jeans…is not a front, it’s not for show and it certainly isn’t for anyone else. I take pride in who I am, what I am, how hard I have worked to become comfortable in my own skin. I thank God that I am teflon strong and when someone tries to break me down based on my appearance…I am wise enough to realize that they just don’t know who I am. I am in mourning right now, I miss my husband terribly, but if my attire is suppose to represent the gaping hole in my heart…it just ain’t gonna happen. Todays incident made me realize that once my book is published that it should be expected that some will attack my character, but I pray that God continues to give me the strength to simply keep it moving. I am grateful for the network of people here on fb (YOU) who have supported me.

The world needs more love! Uplift, inspire and motivate. If you must judge…look in the mirror first.

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