I Pressed Send


I pressed send. Submitting my book has been bitter sweet. Now it’s a game of hurry up and wait. I changed the ending to my book last minute because I realize that the pain I am experiencing now is very different and wanted to include that raw emotion. I played bachata and vallenatos all night (Marlon’s favorite) and at the risk of sounding crazy I pretended to dance with my husband. I even had a talk with him and asked him to send me a good man in due time (not now) because I still believe in love. My pain is no different from anyone else’s, but I recognize that God chose me to manage it in a new age kind of way so that I can have the mindset to write my memoir. I am grateful and humbled. As I look out my window today I see my sidewalk has been cleared by one of my sneaky neighbors. My amazing Pastor checked on my family this morning, my former very powerful boss sent me a text first thing this a.m. to just say that I am an incredible woman. I am reminded that near and far people have my back, and boy does that help.

I can’t say that I am sad…I am just at the crossroads of my resurrection and these are the growing pains I must experience to step.into God’s divine plan for my life.

We will all experience pain and disappointment – its.inevitable. However, its what you choose to do with it that will define the quality of your life.

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