» “I love you DEBT score”

“I love you DEBT score”

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double triple chance Ouch….I didn’t realize I had an emotional connection to my credit cards…but after tearing them up in front of my financial class tonight, I realize that yikes…I do. Tonight I learned that your FICO score can also be known as “I love you DEBT score.” I thought that having an 800 credit score was pretty impressive until tonight. The higher your score the more interaction you have had with banks, financing and debt and happily buying your life away. However, a low fico score doesn’t mean you’re any better off if you have a bad relationship with money. “Debt is proof that the borrower is a slave to the lender.” Also 75% of millionaires shared that the key to building wealth is staying debt-free. Tonight everything has changed for me. No more living beyond my means so that I don’t end up living pay check to pay check. It’s a vicious cycle that I choose to break before I contaminate my children. This class was only $100 for 9 weeks…I highly recommend for singles, couples and anyone that does not have a healthy relationship with money – wants to build wealth and or get out of debt. Daveramsey.com for a location near you.

site jeu en ligne Just had to share because I had the lights scared out of me tonight and so happy I did!