I Learned What It Means To Live

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When your inner-peace is dependent on someone else or your circumstances you may need perspective on your life. We may question God’s plan, but always lean on him to reclaim your peace knowing that his plan is not meant to break you down, but to allow you to breakthrough!

https://www.orthodonticpartners.net/mirtyew/4893 I recall when things kept getting worse in my life…I always thought, “it cant get worse than this”…and guess what? It can and it will, because I kept telling the universe what I DID NOT want!

http://joetom.org/masljana/4404 On May 7th, when I gave one final kiss to my husband as they prepared to wheel his lifeless body away, I never imagined i would walk out of Calvary hospital and look up at the sky and appreciate its beauty, take a picture and thank God. Since that day, my life has been blessed with abundant blessings.

http://streetartunitedstates.com/?molniya=talambuhay-ng-dating-pangulong-manuel-roxas&4f7=a5 In my husband’s death, I learned what it means to live! Therefore he lives in me. Don’t let a tragedy, a circumstance, a day take your inner peace and joy.

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company website God bless!