I Am My Own Priority

Sept 9
Good morning all! Today starts a new chapter in my life. I will no longer squeeze myself into my own schedule. I am THE priority in my schedule. Its just past 7am and I have worked out, meditated, showered, and now I am having my green tea (with my feet up).enjoying the magnificent tree in my yard. I don’t think I have ever really looked at them.

I live my life with an attitude of gratitude, but I suffer from the same issues as everyone else. I get overwhelmed too.

After an amazing service at church yesterday, I realized if I survived the death of my husband – what the heck am I getting stressed over?

Our Pastor quoted that 45% of what we worry about will never happen. 45% of what we worry about has already happened (and we cannot control) and 10% is miscellaneous.

I am a new person every day and so are you. Anxiety is crippling even if in its smallest dosage. I began to feel it creeping up on me and will not allow anything to get in the way of my peace.

From here forward my mornings will feel and look just as they did this morning….Tranquil!

Its 7:30am…now time to wake up my kids with the warmth and peace I feel in my heart..and not the frantic mother who throws her excited nervous energy on to her children. They are a reflection of me…therefore I am responsible for the joy and peace that surrounds our blessed home.

Have an amazing day.

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