Hurricane Sandy

Oct 28
It may quite difficult to believe that your trials and tribulations are actually a blessing, but it may even be more absurd to believe that your pain is actually someone else’s blessing – but it’s true!

When Hurricane Sandy hit, John-Marlon was at the Hippocrates Health Institute trying the very last resort to survive a fierce and monstrous Cancer that had come with a clearly defined purpose – and that purpose was to take his life quickly and viciously. With him being in Florida, I was left alone to fend for our children on all levels. It appeared everyone was in great fear of what was to come and was pre-occupied with their own safety, and although we were not entirely forgotten, I did not want to burden anyone with worrying about us. I knew our neighborhood was set to be in the eye of the storm, but I had a tremendous peace over me and I knew that God would bless us, but I truly did not know how much. When God showed me his power in a physical form on the evening of the storm – I have to tell you that is when my undying faith was born on October 29th, 2012. I will share in tomorrow’s post. I still get chills!

The aftermath of Sandy brought great devastation as we all know, but in that devastation it nurtured the good we all have within. My church called members to action by asking us to find people that were affected by the storm – whether they were friends, family, strangers – it didn’t matter. We were asked to pick a family – but we couldn’t help to ask for an exception to bless 2 families.

Two of our friends experienced tremendous damage to their homes, but their circumstances allowed them to see how blessed they truly were; and in their devastation my family was provided a blessing in being able to partake in God’s work by visiting their home and presenting them with a small token of support (a check) on behalf of the church.

Ironically a few months later, my pain would become their blessing – as they learn from my lessons on how to love with a vulnerable heart.

I undoubtedly am just as blessed from my loss because in having an open heart in sharing my truth, my pain, my regrets and my triumph – I receive the greatest gift of all – a reminder from all of you that you are grateful for my story. I was reminded today by my Pastor that gratitude is understanding that the blessing in my life is for me to pour out to others and not to hold onto for myself.

In other words, my pain turned into a blessing the moment I decided to use my pain to possibly affect someone else’s life in a positive way! My story matters, and so does yours.

Share your story! Turn your pain into a blessing, by blessing someone else with your pain. (KN)

Photo – 5 months before John-Marlon passed away. Look at his awesome smile!

God bless.

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