How I wish I could turn back the Clock


How I wish I could turn back the clock and leave the house a mess, leave the bills piled, and live carefree and just be in the moment. I never met anyone who enjoyed life more than my husband. I don’t say that because he is gone, I share that because it is truer than true. Anyone and everyone who has ever crossed paths with him can vouch for that statement. My husband NEVER really got to see the adventurous side of me because I lived life way too calculated. This weekend is a true testament of how my John-Marlon breathes his undying love for me into my life. I am still identifying who I am, but I am in no rush to find out. My life is one big adventure not because I am putting a bandaid over my troubles, but because my husband resides in my soul…and he guides me in a way that I cannot put into words. Here is a recap of my weekend…and what John-Marlon masterminded: I hosted a fitness event with over 100 guests at my most amazing Church; and then drove an hour to have some fun in the sun with friends in their most magical home that flowed with beautiful contagious energy. On Sunday, I ran 5k race with my team and had 6th grade silly fun. We had the crowd clapping for us as we conquered our risky pyramid with me perfectly fitting into the advertisement on the truck. Pretty cool, huh? Not planned at all. My team surprised me when they all gathered after the race at a Cancer booth and they all registered to become bone marrow donors. I have to tell you my eyes welled up to think that one of us could potentially save a life. On a lighter note, I start my Monday with a new purse! YES, a new purse! For anyone who has seen me in the last 2 years, ATTENTION PLEASE: I will be parting ways with my hot pink bag that belongs to my 9 year old daughter. I am sorry, you will no longer be able to make fun of me! Whether I dressed up or down this bag never failed to accompany me. Thanks to a new friend who noticed my big fashion fail…she decided to surprise me with not 1, but 2 coach bags! Can we say WOW!!!!! I think I am officially a GIRLY-GIRL! I got the hair, I got the make-up, and this week these stubby finger nails will be hand model worthy. Did I say Life is Beautiful? It sure is, I smile through tears sometimes, but I never forget to smile. I smile because I live in gratitude. The more gratitude I show towards my new life, the more that God showers his blessings upon me. Wishing you the most amazing blessed day my friends. Make it count.

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