Healing Is In Your Hand

My post this morning is to share a song that Marlon and I absolutely loved. We heard it at our church for the first time when we started going 2 years ago. Whenever Marlon heard it, he would stand up in church and look up to the heavens and I know he was praying hard for his healing. God did respond…he may not have healed Marlon on this Earth, but he healed him in his life anew…and he healed my broken soul. God is good! This song was sang at Marlon’s funeral and I am forever grateful to Jacquie Morales for having the courage, the strength to sing this song with her angelic voice in a way that changed everyone in that room forever. People walked away knowing that a funeral does not have to be a sad event, but it can also be a celebration of the life that once was. My heart was convicted to share this song this morning and I pray that if you or a loved one need is in need of healing in any way that you surrender to our most amazing miracle worker. HE will see you through it all.


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