Have you learned the lesson?

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this post Good morning and Happy Sunday my beautiful friends. I wanted to stop by and share my greatest takeaway from this trip.

contacto con mujeres casadas In life – it is very, very difficult to go at it alone. We need our circle of family, friends and strangers to play their role in our lives in ways that we may not understand or see fit. The universe conspires to bring in people into your life that will shape you into who you were designed to be. The universe also conspires to remove people from your life so that you are free to fulfill your divine destiny. Some of those people leave and return, some take residence in a different compartment in our lives, some we never see again.

http://bullcitycraft.com/milnica/10438 Life becomes messy when we swim against the current; we must honor and TRUST that there are lessons to be learned every single step of the way. If you miss the lesson – that is when life gets messy and unbearably painful.

free chat gay men No one in your life is more important than the next – every single person that has either been in, is in, or will come into your life – is there to teach you something about yourself. Remember….don’t miss the lesson, or you may be asked to repeat the course.

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