Happy Wife, Happy Life

Happy Wife…Happy Life! One of the greatest lies ever told. I once upon a time believed this fairy tale and it nearly destroyed my marriage. This terrible illusion of what a marriage should be (thank you social media) put so much unnecessary strain and pressure on my husband. It was unfair, selfish and foolish for me to believe that someone could hold the keys to my happiness. A spouse serves to compliment ones life…by no means are they there to complete you. I only learned that this was a terrible lie as he slowly slipped away from me. I thank God every day that I was able to make peace with my beautiful husband and let him know how truly wonderful he was to me. That is my peace – that he left this Earth knowing that his death would not break me. He smiled when he knew that I finally figured out that I am responsible for my own joy and inner peace – something he tried to express for over 15 years. I learned this lesson one week before we said goodbye. He kissed me ever so gently and reminded me that I should open my heart to love again….and he smiled and said “you will be amazing.” I trust my angel.
I admire these two women in these pictures because one was scared but took action and the other is brave even though her fears. The first picture was taken by Marlon in March 2012 when I decided that I would begin to take charge of my own life instead of riding the wave. As he battled Cancer he rooted me on as I started to work out and eat clean so that I can be resilient enough to help him fight this monster that abruptly invaded our home. (fyi – he was mortified at the ugly one piece I bought just for this pic – he laughed and said…”you’re not going to post that, are you?” smile emoticon
The second pic was taken just a few days ago…and I love that woman with all my heart. She is a bad ass…in other words she is resilient – and I must give her respect for that. She also wants to live life to the fullest to show her angel what an amazing student she is…and she won’t let him down.

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