sept 30 guardrails
What are guardrails? A rail that prevents people from falling off or getting hit by something. Guardrails are there to protect us. And just like on a curvy highway, the rail reminds us to steer clear of getting to close the edge, and just like on the road, guardrails are present in our life, but we don’t always heed their warning.

For the last several weeks my Pastor has been doing a series on Guardrails, and it has been an eye opening series, but it has also confirmed that I am on the right track with my life. When I have hit a guardrail in my life (especially since John-Marlon passed away) I recognize that the warning is there to protect me!

For me personally, the guardrails have given me clear warnings, that have created a shift in my life, and prompted me to take action. I have had to disengage from certain toxic family members, compartmentalize core friends, casual friends, and friends in question. I have had to set a core set of values in my home because the lack of it creates sheer chaos. Without structure children do not feel secure and therefore will never be able to identify their own guardrails.

In today’s message we heard about the guardrails we place and do not place when it comes to SEX! We live in a society that promotes sex even when it doesn’t blatantly promote sex! Heck, I am guilty! I posted a booty pic a few months back (no need to go look for it:) that to me represented my pride of how I went from flab to fit – but the truth is – there were many different ways I could have represented my fitness achievements but I comformed to what felt good at that very moment.

SEX (for my single women) goes along those same lines, it may feel amazing at the moment, but the regrets of what we did only surfaces after a break-up, after someone cheats, betrays, ignores, dumps you. My Pastor said it best when he said, our bodies make promises that our minds can’t keep.

Now, I ain’t preachin’ to anyone! I am just sharing because it is the truth. We waste years healing broken hearts, and battling depression, and feeling un-fulfilled over a man! Stop to think – if you can relate -…did you ever really get to know him, his heart, his values, his faith before you rocked his world? Probably not! Guilty as charged….so again just sharing a learning.

(My sexy pic – when I was depleted, depressed and had ZERO guardrails. Looks can be deceiving – watcha see ain’t always watcha get! – keep that in mind my single ladies as you search for Mr. Right – and gentlemen that are married or in a committed relationship – remember that temptation is always present, but what will keep you from crossing that line are guardrails as well. If you’re in an awkward situation and feel like you are going to flirt – do yourself a favor and flee. It’s not worth it!

Wishing you an amazing day – and keep your eyes open for those guardrails.

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