Grieve with tattoos and glitter

test site de rencontre gratuit glitter Today the kids watched a memorial video of all of their loved ones lost at camp. Instead of glamming it up with sparkles, Ava my 6 year old requested a “tattoo” with the word Dad and a heart. When I picked her up, I could see in her face that today was emotionally draining. I held her so tight for a good 20 minutes as she just stared off in deep thought. I know she will be fine, she has proven to be the toughest little girl I know. She had a school project at the end of the school year and noted that we are a family of 5 on her assignment. A brat classmate…nah, I don’t mean that…yeah I do, reminded her that her dad died and she only has 4 people in her family. Ava responded with, “we are 5 and my dad lives in Heaven!” Feeling is Healing so I know my kids are getting stronger and stronger every day.

site de rencontre pour jeune de plus de 50 ans As I sit here typing and listening to the song and having a tender moment remembering Marlon, Marken (my 12 yr old) literally just ran upstairs and in true Marken form said “Mom, you need a hug, you are listening to one of the saddest songs in the world” with a smirk and then he just ran away….geez so much for my sad moment. I am now smiling at how resilient he is, and the fact that I can always rely on him for comic relief. I’ve been told he belongs on stage crackin jokes. With an 11th grade reading level in 7th grade…he is going to be crackin books for a little while longer before he makes his debut. I am blessed. Thank you God for my strength. Thank you Marlon for your continued light! Keep shining on us…I am eternally grateful for your undying love! I feel it.

site de rencontre belgique cupidon “In the Arms of an Angel” if you’re in that kind of mood.
Feeling is Healing – remember that.

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