Getting Through Grief sept 22
Today I set my alarm for 8:30am, and I’m sure you can guess what song woke we me up. Gone, Gone, Gone (KJOY station) came on full blast and within my minutes my girls were by my side. We hugged each other and cried – no words needed to be spoken. Marken heard it from downstairs, but he appreciated from his own space. The moments we miss when someone is gone are not the big elaborate things, but the little things that in life had little or no significance. In this picture I asked Marlon to take a picture of me drinking my green juice so that I can post, and he did exactly that, but he also stuck in a McDonald’s bag and offered to post the picture for me. This picture still makes me laugh and I can stare at his hand in this picture for hours. As Pastor Rick Warren so eloquently put it – we don’t ever get over grief, we get through it. With every passing day I can understand my grief a little better. I am sad, a little piece of my heart is sad every single day, but I can recognize that sadness is the emotion, but I don’t have to allow the other emotions that can come with sadness to paralyze my joy. I don’t have anger, resentment or regret which are the very things that will deny me the opportunity to rejoice in John-Marlon’s life.

When you can recognize your struggle, and KNOW that you can not change it and therefore stop controlling the uncontrollable – you have surrendered to God’s will – and that is liberating and freeing!

Full Article Have an amazing day my friends.

article (On McD’s pic – don’t judge…lol) the kids asked Marlon for McD’s and although he was a vegan he gave in)

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