Get out of your own way: Live a more purposeful life! phillips The obstacles that exist in our lives, the chains that hold us back from living our most fulfilled lives are not due to a case of bad luck, they are manifested by the very person that is reading this. YOU! The energy that breathes life into our soul is either that of having an attitude of gratitude or living life with regret and bitterness. The choice is truly yours.

site rencontre monoparentale quГ©bec I am a widow left with three small children. I have every excuse in the book to feel sorry for myself, to have anger, to have questions, to have regrets…but I don’t. I am grateful for John-Marlon’s life, but I am also grateful for his death. In his death, I have learned to love myself to the fullest. I have learned to live life with purpose, to be fearless and to be fierce! I like to think he occupies space in my soul, actually I know he does. He should seriously consider paying me some virtual rent! For real!

inuyasha dating quiz In the months prior to his passing, three completely different and unaffiliated doctors confirmed that he would die by way of drowning. The retention of fluid in his feet was rapidly rising to his legs, and making its way to his lungs. John-Marlon did not drown, he went in his sleep peacefully with no pain, and gave me his last breath upon my request. I asked and I received. Asking without faith is like receiving without giving. God is in full control – I mean we all know that, but we tend to forget, we tend to be control freaks and then question why things never or always happen to us depending on the circumstance. My Pastor said it best when he stated that God’s delay, does not mean a denial. Be patient but be purposeful. Don’t stand on the sidelines of life waiting for it to get better –go ahead and give yourself permission to live with purpose! Get out of your own way!

Full Article No matter what you are encountering this very second in your life, may it be as simple as wanting to lose weight, or as complex as illness…just stop. Stop and have an attitude of gratitude even if for just one minute today. Raise your head to the heavens and thank God for this very moment, for the life that he breathes into you.

azithromycin tablet 250 mg uses in hindi I have recently started flexing my faith muscle and trusting that mini miracles will happen so long as I am open to receive them. Last Friday was a confirmation. I had put it out into the universe that one of my biggest desires was to meet Phillip Phillips to share how his song Gone, Gone, Gone has been a healing force for my kids and I. I had no idea how I would meet a rock-star, but my faith told me I didn’t have to know. I just had to ask and be ready to receive….and just like that, I did.

I will cherish this hug from Phillip Phillips for the rest of my life, but my daughter’s reaction in the background is that ripple in the river that is created by that one small pebble. She is just six years old but she already knows how to have peace in her heart, she is spiritually connected, and knows that her father has never left her side. She also now knows – that dreams do come true!

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  • Wow I am all choked up. The Holy Spirit definatley is guiding your hands and mind as you write. You are amazing in all sorts of ways. Your chidren are so blessed to have you as a mother. God bless you always Kenia. I dont know you, but I feel like I do. You heal my scares whe I read your posts, blogs EVERYTHING!! Thank you for sharing you personal life with the world. I guess that is a form of healing as well.

  • This came at perfect timing for me. So needed your words not so much for me but for the way I was feeling. You brought me up when I was feeling low again. Just needed to remember that as long as I do what is right by me and the Lord it will be okay he has my back. OX Love ya and miss ya a ton.

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