Forever A Family Of Five May-24 Hiya guys! I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. I’ve escaped with my kids to our little dream shack in the Poconos. I am so happy to be able to chill out…do nothing and actually get to respond to your messages.I made a really crazy impulsive decision when I bought this home in November. I have to admit…I didn’t think it through – but I felt Marlon’s presence when I first saw the creek behind the house and I made an offer the very same day. I thought eventually this investment will pay off if I also use it as a rental…and I decided to jump in head first…just like Marlon did with everything:)

explanation I have shared many miracles and signs with you guys that he has sent me in the short time that I bought this home. Today I stand and stare at my backyard to appreciate what a dear friend recently pointed out to me that she took note of on a recent stay. Immediately outside of my back door are 5 trees and to me it’s another confirmation that this place is magical. FOUR trees are together, then there is one, a little further away…but still remaining connected to the others. A connection that shall never be broken. Forever a family of 5.

rencontre entre femmes en suisse That big tree separate from the rest is still the ROCK of the family…no accident that the rock lies close to that one single tree.

navigate here When you believe…. you begin to see.

this article Chills!

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