Food Is Our Lifeline

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browse around here Food is our lifeline, but bad food choices is also the pathway for an early death and chronic illness. People constantly ask me if I am on a diet . Here is the truth – I eat more than the average person, and indulge just as much as the next person, but still maintain my figure by making wise choices 80% of the time. The truth is, I don’t “eat right” just to look good, I eat right so that I can feel good. Food is my anti-depressant, food is my fuel for clarity, good whole foods is what I need so that I am not in a $hitty mood. When Marlon died I saw a psychiatrist to cover all aspects of my mental health. Within minutes of being in his office he handed me an anti-depressant prescription and asked me to revisit in a few weeks so he can up the dosage if required. I walked out of his office, shredded the prescription and headed to Fairway to get some real medicine!

30 year old woman dating 40 year old man We extended my husbands life by months just by changing his diet. Look up Kris Carr, she has been living with Stage IV Cancer for 10 years now through the healing power of food! If your waist line is telling the tale, or you are constantly on anti-depressants, tired, always pissed off, battling an illness or the onset of one – it is never too late to change your lifestyle so that you can live your best life. If you are in this situation now, where do you expect to be in 10 years? A little “food for thought”. Change begins with wanting a change! Life is way too short to sit on the sidelines and hope for change to happen on its own.