How I lost 50 Pounds: Fitness, Nutrition and Support

additional hints before and after Before anyone calls the fashion police…I must explain! I bought the floral monstrosity just for my before picture only. I never wore it in public, nor did I ever intend on doing so…but just for kicks…I may. John-Marlon asked me to burn it, and begged that I should never show that before picture to anyone. Like any good wife would do, I posted it on Facebook and tagged him on it:) Actually, after I posted my before and after picture publicly, he was so impressed with my AFTER that he applauded me for sharing. While John-Marlon battled Cancer, he was my biggest fan during my transformation. If ever there was a night I climbed into bed and he thought I did not complete my workout, he would remind me that he would give anything to be able to workout with me. How could I not be motivated? Chemo a.k.a. poison had taken residence in his body, and he was no longer able to do strenuous exercise.

speed dating définition synonyme Up until this time, I was very lucky to have never struggled with weight, as a matter of fact I had the perfect hourglass figure prior to my children, and post kids I managed to keep myself in great shape.

check it out At 37 years old…things started shifting in the wrong direction, other body parts dropped as if gravity no longer existed – and my muffin top was having indecent spillage. I was not only depressed at my husband’s recent diagnosis, but I was extremely disappointed to see that I had lost myself. My self-esteem was so bad, that I couldn’t look at mirrors. I even considered covering them at home. I was probably clinically depressed, but never diagnosed. I won’t bore you with the details on how I got started – but feel free to watch the video below. Warning: I cry a lot. This was filmed one year ago pretty much to the date!

kijiji rencontre paca ) How did I manage to lose 50 pounds in 5 months? I didn’t go to a gym, nor did I hire a trainer, I did it from my very own living room! I joined an online fitness team, and they motivated and encouraged me back to health. I now do the same for others. My biggest success story has lost almost 100 pounds.

image source In life we all want to be validated, and if we can make someone else feel that they are worthy, it will literally transform their lives beyond their wildest expectations. The love, support and encouragement I received from Team Eagle was the reason I became so passionate about fitness – they have become my extended family! My husband’s illness is what developed my passion for nutrition, because I have witnessed first-hand the healing power of foods through his journey.

site de rencontre en ligne gratuit 2014 I am by no means a fitness or nutrition expert, but God has been guiding me to help others believe in themselves – mind, body and soul; and I am so grateful that my new found passion feeds my soul just right!


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  • Although I don’t know you personally I have been reading your posts and you are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your personal life with us 🙂

  • You are simply put an amazing lady

  • You are my inspiration to loose weight, eat right and become happy thru all the disappointments and hardships of my life. I would like to see if you could help me become a healthier me.
    I admired your dedication to your late husband, children and yourself. What a great example for your children to follow. May God bless you and your family

  • awesome story keep up the good work

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