Family Of 5

Nov 23

I look at the picture on the top left and it is so hard to imagine that it was just last year we were a family of 5 as we escaped for our yearly winter getaway to the Poconos. Some would avoid revisiting a place that brings back so many memories, but I have purposely made every effort to experience the old, and create new memories in those very same spaces. I truly loved seeing my children’s faces today as we walked passed the ski lift and reminisced those moments we spent with dad. It was equally heart-warming to see them swim in the same pool that was the last place their father took a swim earlier this year. He literally mustered every ounce of strength to enjoy those final moments he was able to live it up a little with his family.

Only a sky separates us from us being physically together, but death has lost its sting because no matter the distance, he is right here with us enjoying the peace of our little magical paradise we were blessed with in his honor. I am grateful for my past, I am humbled by my present, and hopeful for my future.

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