Faith Is My Anti-Depressant

sept 24
Everyone has faith until your faith is rocked to the core. Not until life smacked me in the face – and I mean hard, did I truly know where my relationship with faith stood. On the day I suspected John-Marlon had Cancer, my faith toppled like a house of cards. I locked myself in a friends bathroom and screamed at the top of my lungs without any regard that the midnight clock had just struck bringing in the New Year of 2012. Faith was thrown out the window and I did not care!

As I made the conscious decision to build my relationship with faith, I faced the FIVE hardest days of my life with trust that God will see me through, and he did.

1. Telling my kids ages 5, 9 and 12 that their father was going to die.
2. Letting my husband know that it was ok to stop fighting and that we will meet again on the other side.
3. Watching my husband’s labored breathing as I awaited that final breath.
4. Breaking the news to my kids that their dad had passed away.
5. The day of his funeral. (we wore white in celebration of his life)

Having a relationship with faith is always best when things are going pretty good in your life, for life can change in an instant – and getting caught off guard without the net beneath you can be quite painful.

My relationship with faith is not perfect and it needs a tune up more often than not (that’s why I go to church), but it never fails to get me through the darkest moments of my life, but it also sees me through the most amazing ones as well.

Faith is my anti-depressant, but unlike a pill you can’t just pop one in when you need it – because faith cannot be seen, it cannot be touched and it cannot be measured, it is the conviction that no matter what the outcome is, that you will be ok. You will be ok!

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