Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Haters! ugh…but gotta post this one time!

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follow url Evil, haters, toxic people call them what you may – try to penetrate into your world because their misery is too much to bear on their own. DO NOT pay them any mind – if you can pray for them.

follow url This is a post I shared on facebook yesterday because for a mili-second I was like “really” can people really be this toxic? Unfortunately the answer is YES!…and I just had to sit back and let my facebook family respond to the post on my behalf. Post on facebook 10/2 I think I’m going to change my facebook account to Kenia Nunez – PUBLIC FIGURE because here is the latest and greatest message from my secret “fan base” that attack me as if I were a celebrity!

follow site Translation: “Listen its very easy to learn how to cook just look on the internet for recipes; with kids and you don’t know how to cook? Your poor husband that got you as a wife!

get link Sadly these aren’t strangers sending me these messages! I can bet on it. Unbelievable how cruel people are – but this is part of my journey and I accept that everyone does not have Christ in their heart…no matter how Godly they claim to be!

description site de rencontre simple When I complete my book with details of what my husband overcame – it may remind these folks that I did an amazing job helping him overcome the trials and tribulations pre-Kenia. HE did not leave this Earth without thanking me for doing an amazing job being his everything and in his exact words “you did an amazing job raising me.” THAT is enough for me.

go I am now certain that Marlon sent me the message this afternoon because he knew I would need his strength! “Walk by faith, not by sight, if you live your life too safely, you will never know the thrill of seeing Me work through you; the issue is not your strength but Mine, which is limitless.”

Michelle S I’m so sorry people are being so cruel to you Kenia Nunez-Suaza
You and your family are in my prayers daily. Keep doing what you are doing, YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!! May God continue to BLESS and KEEP YOU with ABUNDANT STRENGTH!!!

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Elizabeth A People will be hateful and hurtful…you know in you’re heart what you and your family shared…I’d they were happy that’s all that matters. Misery loves company and that’s their own pitiful lives being projected onto you. You are a beautiful soul, mother and wife..yes wife because you will always be John Marlon’s wife…ignore those naysayers and live your life lovingly and positively amiga…xoxo

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Iris P Some ppl are just plain stupid… better then saying “sick”. Lord have mercy.

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Yanet Quinones Y quien dice que tu no sabes cocinar! El otro día cuando yo estuve en tu casa le hiciste una pizza riquísima a los niños (todos ingredientes frescos y saludables) y para nosotras una rica ensalada con vegetales! La gente habla por hablar. No tienen oficios y solo quieren criticar a los demás pe estar tan desencantados con sus propias vidas. Las personas que te conocen bien sólo pueden hablar cosas positivas de ti!

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Christina I agree with Elizabeth and Michelle .. People that don’t have a life usually look to lash out to others.. Kenia Nunez-Suaza you are an amazing mother and wife don’t let anyone tell you anything different.. Xoxo Amiga

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Cori F Lord have mercy Kenia Nunez-Suaza they are ignorant… Ask God to forgive them for causing you and your children pain.

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Clarivel Perez I bet I can guess where that comes from & I also bet they’re dealing with much guilt for not being there for him while he was here. Not that you need me to tell you, but your priority has to continue to be you & your kids. Im not that evolved when it comes to spirituality and I admit that my faith is shaky at times, but you open my eyes every day. Since I know you wont say it, I will; F*ck the haters. If they care so much about your lack of cooking skills, then they should come over with groceries & cook!

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Ventura De Polanco Evelyn You gave them exactly what that person wanted!!! Attention, keep living life and let those dead soul go!!!! Just pray for them.

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Aridny Wow…so much hate. Glad to see you are staying strong and continue to build strength over all these heartless and hurtful comments. I admire you, your strength and your heroic ways of coping. Whatever you are doing, continue doing just that as it is what works best for you and your family. You should dress up as your inner you for Halloween- WonderWoman!!!
And continue to do you, cuz nobody else will!!!

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Kiyera Pray for the person that sent that message. She needs it more than Kenia Nunez-Suaza! Sad. Miserable. Empty.

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Dez Ok I’m not the one to comment on a lot of your post. However, I do read them- all of them. Babygirl no one can understand growth unless they themselves are in the same journey of inner peace n higher learning. Marlon – thanked you for being the wife who was there for him.. check! you are great mother. .check! Rebuilding yourself and learning how to manage/deal w things as a single parent…check! Great relationship w your mom..check! I can go on n on. Point is. At the end of the day * inserting my most favorite cuss word* … you don’t need validation. You know you arw doing right. As much as you’d like to exposetranslaten express your emotions on fb..only you know how much pain n joy you really feel. Do you and continue to do you. You looking better than ever (inside and out) let them hate Kenia Nunez-Suaza

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Kiyera Haaaa! Love it Clarivel!

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Clarivel Perez You know Im right!

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Lenette K, I agree. Sounds like “not a stranger” and if anything, their own personal guilt THEY need to overcome. Rock on girlfriend. Ur the one living in your shoes walking this earth, not THEM!

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Gloria Fernandez No one could have said it better ! You nailed it @Clarivel

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Rita LA Mas Bonita Kenia Nunez-Suaza La Envidia, la Ignorancia, van de la Mano, la Gente solo Quiere llamar la Atencion, pero en Los Momentos Dificiles Q tu tuviate, solo Dios, te dio las Fuerzas, para seguir Adelante y hacerte Una Mujer Valiente Que Dios Los Perdones, y toque sus Corazones. Lo que pasan Es Que pensaban que tu te Iva a Derrumbar, pero el Que Tiene FÈ en Dios Nunca seran Derrumbado Sigue Adelante, a Palabras Necias Oidos Soldo

Marienelly – Diareah in the mouth is a very debilitating brain and common sense disease that pathetically many do not recover from even tho it is curable many perish full of simply let go and let God…q se vayan a banar si no tienen oficio…dont allow ur heart or soul to entertain negativity..ur doing a superduper job dealing with ur tragedy..remember what ive told several times..ur life ur journey.’lante mija..

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Yessie – Lo que la gente dice y piensa es reflejo de su propia miseria, tristeza y amargura. Lo hace por su misma inseguridad y lo hace para afectar a las persona más fuertes y positivas. Kenia Nunez-Suaza tu has sido una mujer que le has cambiando la forma de ver la vida a las personas que ni te conocen. Tienes en nosotros un “fan club” que te apoya y aunque algunos no te conozcamos personalmente, te queremos de corazón!! ️

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Diana Castillo Haters gonna hate Kenia Nunez-Suaza! Your light still shines brightly no matter what they do to try and dim it! The battle is not yours; it’s HIS! Love you very much!

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Vikki Perez Keep on the path which is narrow!

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Jennifer Seriously people need a life. Don’t listen to stupidity and ignorance. Keep doing what u do..

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Marienelly BTW…dont change ur name if heart/soul doesnt impulse to do so..pray about it..

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Rita LA Mas Bonita Kenia Nunez-Suaza that Person needs to take writing lessons in Spanish, how the Heck you Spell Quieres with a “K” (Kieres) WT&$@????

Diana Castillo Amen. Amen. Amen Clarivel! Babbby, you said some of the things I wanted to say but didn’t dare to say! Lol

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Awilda Brea Abreu Oh wow!!

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Rikermy Orantes Keep your head up girl. It shows you’re a great mother and so what if you’re not the best cook? I’m sure your kids love your food anyways .We all have different talents and that’s why we are all different. God does not like ugly. You have a lot of people who love you for who you are. Ignorance by definition is lack of knowledge . Don’t pay them no mind. Too blessed to be stressed and too annointed to be disappointed .

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Maria Peggy Diaz Don’t change your name my darling… Just say a lil ‘oracion para la malicia y mal intentos’ to stay away from you and the kids. You know what you’ve done in your life and journey, your kids know, your husband knew and you closest friends know… That my dear is all that matters.

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Maria Isabel Bustamante For you Kenia Nunez-Suaza
Saint Michael the archangel, defend us in the battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen!

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Carmen Cita Kenia you are “too blessed” to let these mindless folks get to you. Don’t pay them any mind. Love & Light. ️

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Ivelisse Cuevas Wow! Thats pretty disgusting, pero na pa’lante with the amazing attitude you have, you do for you & your children. That negativity will go elsewhere

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Cinthya Aspiazu If God is for us who dare come against us!!! Let it go…our God is greater.

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Yajaira Salazar Portorreal Continue shining, let them poison themselves with guilt while you continue receiving Gods blessings️

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Gigi Rios Wow, it is sad that people can not see others happy. Negrita linda, don’t let it bother you. God is good and only he knows what you have been through , were you are going and what he has plan for you and the children.

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Clarivel Perez You can count on me for a touch of ratchet. You guys are too nice!

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Silvena – We ️you!

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Diane -unbelievable~!

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Jessica Vel- You know the saying: TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED! Ayyy please! ignorance is bliss!
I personally can’t wait for your book!
Kenia Nunez-Suaza

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Annette Hernaz Wow people can be so mean, just shows how miserable they really are. They just can’t stand to see how amazing, loved, and appreciated you are by everyone. As my son likes to say ” sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”

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Ruthie Sala Its amazing the judgements some people pass on others. I’m sure you know its just that and obviously you’ve lived the truth. God bless you and your kids always.

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Dinorah G How ignorant, like if cooking is the foundation of a relationship. Really? She must be a miserable young or old fart.

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Patricia Agui- Prado People are ignorant! I dont even know you as a person but just reading about how you help people and the stregnth you have is amazing, god bless you & your children

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Yvonne Edi- Rise up and when the enemy comes attacking send him…Packing!! May god continue to bless you and your beautiful family thank you for sharing your journey with us

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Ideen Ni- That verse steals it all !!’ You know who is with you!!! And who’s words matter ONLY JESUS all other voices be silent!! Love you girl

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Jessica Gra- Ignorance my dear….you have God and your kids. ️

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Perez Fre- What can you expect from someone that can’t even spell.

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Jessie VeB- You have zero to prove to whoever sent you such a heinous message or to any of us. You be you. Be the amazing mother that you have been. Really. the humanity of it all. God sees all and at the end only He can judge. He is my guide.

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Alo Lopez- LOL are you serious? y quien diablo le dijo a ella that women are put in this planet to cook and serve. Cooking is an art some people are good are it and some of us are not. When your husband married you, he didn’t pick you to be his maid or his chef, he pick you to be the mother of his kids, his companion, his friend and his lover and i am pretty sure you were damn good at it. So she can keep her ignorances 18th century comments to herself.

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Bruce LeR- If you don’t pay them any mind, they won’t matter! Your like an emerging butterfly, keep spreading your wings

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Virginia P. – You are loved and you love yourself… Send them love and keep it moving

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Maria Fern- Siempre encontrarás en tu camino personas envidiosas, per recuerda que somos as los que te seguimos y admiramos.

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Kim Cab- “Pfffffff”
That’s what I have to say to the little minded individual that doesn’t know you & is just plain Ol’ Hatin’!!!
If she wasn’t hating then she wouldn’t go so far out of her way to send you that message.
People like that do not deserve your energy.
Go on wichya bad self mama!
So what you don’t cook!
Neither do I!
But you made your man happy!
He picked up pieces you couldn’t & Vise Versa..
That’s what a happy marriage is all about!
(Maybe you & I should take a cooking class together–just a thought)
Love you Girl!

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Sylvia – Kenia…she’s an asshole. now forget it an move on to more important things. love ya

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SMora- Gross behavior! Haters!

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Julia font It’s an obvious hate note from someone obviously hating on you for the grand person you are…hating on you because some people can never accomplish what you have…hating on you because God enabled you to see light when it was dark, & hating on you because through that darkness, God gave you strength to stand up during a sad time in life; that steadily give you hope which lead to change….That person is just upset of who you have morphed into….they can try but never come close to the person you are….to bring up your kids and say >>>” con ninos, y no sabia atenderlos para darle de comer” translation, and with your kids, you didn’t know how to tend to them to give them food…how ridiculous is that…Quick tactic to get under your skin. Your kids look more than healthy to me..That is a reflection of you and your late husband’s hardship. No one elses. It’s easy to try and knock someone down, especially while NOT knowing what transpired in your household…they can only talk and assume…let them make an ass out of themselves, but DO NOT allow this to make you frail!! YOU ARE AWESOME!….AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! A motivational guro, filled with love and compassion…….this was a quick attack regimen to try and disorient you from the good you are doing….let em’ hate…….Keep doing you and para lante cielito…

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vanni Kat- Just be patient and loving. The last paragraph you posted is very powerful.

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Julisa Pol Excuses my language but fuck them! I love you and every word you type! ♥️ good cook or bad cool who cares! Xox

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Lissa Sant Unbelievable. God bless those folks. They need a good prayer said in their name. Keep doing what you’re doing PRIMA, you got this! Love you!

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B Maldonado Some people NEED to put other people down so they can lift themselves up.

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Maria Perez I cook too but my children & I very much look forward to Javi’s cooking… It must be the Argentinian in him because he cooks his ass off. Me— I don’t google… I cook the same O same O all the time…. Girl please! Shout out to your haters. Keep doing your thing and looking so freaking fabulous. I mean, if it was ALL love you might get a little bored lmao. Hi haters!!!

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Maria Dr Smile when you come across challenges and nay Sayers. It only pushes you towards your goal even more. Pray for those who curse you, for they are lonely and lost,and do not know God’s grace or salvation. Your gift may not be cooking,but your honesty, words of wisdom, inspiration,and compassion for others is the best food for thoughts.

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Howard As Proverbs 18:21 says, “…the tongue has the power of life and death…” We can speak great or terrible things into others lives. But I am so glad you know better my beautiful, sweet Kenia. And I am so glad you had a wonderful husband who spoke life to you. Those words that person wrote to you are not truth. I am glad you are wise enough not to take them in. I love you! And I just left a message for my mama

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Lor Cent My Dear Kenia, keep going as you are doing. All poor speech is basically the worst enemy of mankind ENVY!

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Lor Cent Kenia, sigue como vas. Todo lenguaje probre es basicamente el peor enemigo de la humanidad… la “ENVIDIA”

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Maceil- Are you kidding me? I have no words. People just have no respect.

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Bowser- thats just gross.. Jealousy is big and ugly. When a person is doing good, another wants to snatch it away due to their own misery. Sorry you must field crap like that.

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Els Borj Dont sweat that. Keep moving forward.

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K Cab – Block away Baby!!!

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Fance Resy- Funny how it takes a tragedy to bring out people’s true colors. You keep inspiring others as only you know how to do. People are going to talk whether you’re in church praying or in the club dancing. Keep your head up!!!

(Comments below are from a previous post from another toxic email – here is what my fb family had to say)

Post on facebook by Kenia Nunez

Totally speechless! I just read an email that literally made my jaw dropped. I got an email from a woman who I believe is John-Marlon’s aunt. A woman I may have heard her name once or twice and I have never met. She shared how disgusting and embarrassing my healing process has been, and how I should have respect for Marlon’s family. I want to laugh, but my heart breaks. I won’t get into details of my and Marlon’s relationship with his family, but all I have to say is that when hurricane Sandy hit and Marlon was in Florida at a treatment center, my church and my neighbors came to my rescue. When snow storms hit and Marlon could barely walk, my neighbors and church members secretly cleared my snow each and every storm. When my family needed meals to eat, and Marlon was scared and needed spiritual healing – my church was there and my Pastor sat at his bedside.

Now that I am as a single mother, I stand strong because of MY amazing family and beautiful friends. My church continues to feed my soul, and my facebook family has given me the most encouraging support especially in those moments when I am alone and need that extra tlc – so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If they truly knew Marlon the way I did, they would understand that THIS is the only way he would want me to grieve. I must accept that they just didn’t know him and therefore they cannot understand me.

May God grant them the peace he has blessed my children and I with.

Andrea Perez, Lauren Hecker, Maryluz Diaz and 186 others like this..

Yurki Cruz You have no idea how your grieving process has help us the FB people in a very very POSITIVE way. YOU are an inspiration as a mother, and a human being. It so sad that their so many bitter people on this earth.

September 14 at 6:14pm via mobile · Like · 13..
Melanie Padilla-Diaz Kenia Nunez-Suaza you truly are my hero! I probably would’ve broke down but, here you are showing your muscles. I thank The Lord that he has blessed you with a church that can aid you. Keep flying high girl, I think what you are doing in your husbands memory is an honor. And the way you describe your love, he would be proud!!!

September 14 at 6:15pm via mobile · Like · 9..

Eric Ahh Was this aunt even present in ur lives or that of your children…opinions are like assholes kenia, everyone has one♥

September 14 at 6:16pm via mobile · Like · 10..

Laura Silva I’m lost for word OMG how dare she. How does she know what your feeling, who is she to decide how you mourn. I’m like what no way.

September 14 at 6:17pm · Like · 7..

Familia Luna Just pray for them….that is the most you can do.

September 14 at 6:17pm · Like · 5..

Erica Osorio Orjuela How “DARE”you grive the loss OF YOUR LOVE the way HE wanted you to!!!.. instead we should grive in ways that will make others HAPPY. ..?!?!? I’m sorry you had to read that BS from distant relatives…!! God is GOOD& you ARE..BLESSED with the peace they WISH they had!!! ( I’m so upset for you!)

September 14 at 6:22pm via mobile · Like · 7..

Paola Rojas Noooo wayyyy mama!!! She is completely wrongggg!!!! I don’t know u but I admire u like u don’t even know! I look forward to meeting u!! U r amazing Kenia Nunez-Suaza !!!

September 14 at 6:26pm via mobile · Like · 3..

Lidia Ferrante Augugliaro WOW girl you are a way better person then I m… Btw I love to read your post..

September 14 at 6:27pm via mobile · Like · 1..
Lidia Ferrante Augugliaro Yes I feel the same way as Paola Rojas

September 14 at 6:27pm via mobile · Like..

Millie Cortés Kenia, I find that those who cry the hardest and criticize the most are the ones who have guilt. You and your children lived a true life with John Marlon and now are grieving in the form that is fitting to them and you. He would be proud for sure. I’m sorry that you received a negative message from his aunt. More than likely, she hasn’t made peace and is lashing out at you. Continue to pray that he finds peace because YOU know God is good and you have nothing but love in your heart.

September 14 at 6:27pm via mobile · Like · 6..
Jessica Graham-Serna Kenia Nunez-Suaza it’s fine to have an opinion but in the end you have to heal your way. If this aunt doesn’t like it , well that’s her problem. You have been respectful and thoughtful to your kids and yourself. You keep doing what ever it takes to heal. I’m sure Marlon is smiling from heaven because you are a great person, mother and friend.

September 14 at 6:34pm via mobile · Like · 3..

Julia L Rojas I agree with you 100% !
Only Marlon and YOU know what you went through and WHO was there for you. There will always be haters talking shit, so don’t let anything or anyone upset you.
And thanks again for always sharing with us!
You are a wonderful human being & morher!
God bless

September 14 at 6:35pm · Like · 3..

Jessica Graham-Serna I forgot to say that since you never met this aunt, maybe it’s a good idea to never meet her. Let your haters be your motivator!

September 14 at 6:39pm via mobile · Like · 1..

Kenia Nunez-Suaza you guys are just awesome…..I was standing by to read some of your comments I really needed the love! I am still in shock. Eric Ahh you made me laugh – thank you. Can you guys imagine if they knew that he asked me to remarry because I deserved another chance? Yes I could be more private, but that’s neither here nor there, because I realize my purpose at this juncture in my life is to share our journey. Thank you again – I am truly blessed.

September 14 at 6:40pm · Like · 16..

Carol J. Castillo Love you and as usual you know we will let God handle her ass!! Haters are reminders of what we should never be and also motivate us to be even better then we were two minutes ago. At times people don’t know how to express themselves and for some reason speaking in anger and putting blame seems to come with ease.

Let’s all speak from our heart and if we don’t have anything nice to say…stay quiet!!!!!!!!! xo

September 14 at 6:41pm via mobile · Like · 7..

Kenia Nunez-Suaza truly your comments have helped me breathe a little deeper. many, many, many thanks!

September 14 at 6:41pm · Like · 8..

Kenia Nunez-Suaza Love you Carol J. Castillo – aka third wheel in my marriage! xoxo –

September 14 at 6:43pm · Like · 2..

Bruce LeRoy You are one classy chic…….dude!
Me likey your style

September 14 at 6:48pm via mobile · Like..

Diana Chen Kenia, I love every one of your post. The love you and your husband shared is amazing. Although my story isnt the same as yours, (nowhere close) Im currently grieving myself because my bf broke up with me recently. When I was with him, we made some great friends and these past few days, Im so happy to be surrounded by their sincerity and concern towards me. I hope like you, I am able to heal as beautifully as you are.

September 14 at 6:50pm via mobile · Like · 2..

Yanet Quinones Babe only God knows what’s in your heart and what you and Marlon shared. Everyone grieves differently and I find that your way is soothing especially to your children who need you now more than ever. The only judgement you need to worry about is the Judgement of God! May God continue to bless you and the kids, your amazing church family, and your amazing neighbors!!

September 14 at 6:54pm via mobile · Like · 8..

Sylvia Saavedra Asselta F them kenia. You just keep doing what you know your husband would have wanted you to do.

September 14 at 6:56pm via mobile · Like · 1..

Nicole Davanzo You are an amazing human being. Marlon is smiling down on you. You are doing a fantastic job. Keep moving forward no time for negativity.

September 14 at 6:57pm · Like · 1..

Iris Portes “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” Luke 6; 45
Keep your head up woman.
May your blessings continue to multiply.
Grieve the way you choose to and are doing so. Your heart is full of love & peace. Let that light shine on!!!
God Bless the Nunez-Suaza family!

September 14 at 6:58pm via mobile · Like · 2..

Jenise Ramos Sarraga As a wife grieving her husband, your posts have inspired me to be more open when I am missing Noel or struggling with my grief. People need to know that true love exists , they need to know that God is very real in the midst of our shattered lives, that he sees each tear drop. BUT they also need to see that it is possible to survive such a loss, to laugh again, to live again. Please keep posting, I love to read your status updates. Anyone who is offended by your posting can hit that delete button and keep it moving.

September 14 at 7:13pm · Like · 11..

Jeanette Ferreira Ovalle Sometimes in life there are people who only want to hurt to people … U are an amazing person . I never met you , but reading your Status everyday makes me appreciate those I Love & My Family .. God Bless You & Continue to Shine the way you do .. He is in Heaven still in love with you ..

September 14 at 7:16pm via mobile · Like · 4..

Jessica Maldonado Cruz You are an AMAZING human being. Strong, resilient, generous, positive, but most of all, FORGIVING. Trust me, NO ONE has the right or even privilege to give you angst or two cents of their negative energy. You are loved and supported by those who truly matter. Xoxo.

September 14 at 7:16pm via mobile · Like · 2..

Yady Mera-Yacovone Mi vida, people that have guilt inside dont want others to be in peace. You are truly an inspiration. I thank God everyday for having people like you around. We love you my beautiful girl. Dont allow negativity bother you. Let it slide.

September 14 at 7:19pm via mobile · Like · 2..

Erika JP Don’t bother with senseless people…she doesn’t know and apparently didn’t know Marlon either.

September 14 at 7:23pm · Like · 1..

Carmen Cita Let his aunt deal with her negative energy – and you continue on your positive path. I would delete the email – out of sight out of mind.

September 14 at 7:28pm via mobile · Like..
Alisa Alissa you are such an inspiration to so many.

September 14 at 7:40pm · Like · 2..

Silvena Kazakova Karantenislis Keep going girl we love and respect what you doing… All I know your kids healing amazing and Thank God to their MOM!

September 14 at 7:43pm via mobile · Like · 2..

Vikki Perez It’s very simple to say what some one would or should do or say when spoken to by others.
But the reality is your love and bond with your husband wasn’t a love or a bond he could share with someone else! Yes they also loves him…. clearly they did it from a distance. But Marlon choose you, he loved you and he loves you still as you are! You and your children became his new family the bible says it so! So his family can choose to remember him quietly and you can choose to let him live on in your words and your actions. I believe that through your husbands unfortunate battle with cancer he has been the very connector to you and your children’s new life in Christ! And that Kenia is what a good husband leads his family through! God bless you all peace to Marlon, you, Marken, Natalia and Ava…. This person can not steal the joy you have found simply because they themselves have not found it or cannot understand your journey or divine purpose. OOOH and did I forget to tell you to breathe!

September 14 at 7:49pm via mobile · Like · 4..

Gigi Rios No one knows your pain and sufferings like you do, if she doesn’t like what you are doing, its okay….but dont let her words bring you down…your words have helped and are helping lots of people. Keep your head high and keep on with your words…I for one love them

September 14 at 8:11pm via mobile · Like..

Malena Remon You are YOU. You are so loved. All your posts inspire so many of us. Your love for your husband IS so powerful. He knows that. There is a reason why you have a million friends, a million comments to your posts and a million likes. Everyone has their own way to grieve. We all know you are in pain. We can feel it even if we can’t see you. Who cares what his family thinks. You are a beautiful person. Continue to do what you have been doing. That’s what makes you Kenia Nunez-Suaza.

September 14 at 8:11pm via mobile · Like · 2..

Denisse Grados Like you said in your post “I have never met” I’m sure it was for a reason. Keep on healing and inspiring us

September 14 at 8:14pm via mobile · Like..

Karine Illidge AMEN!!!! May God and your husband continue to bless you!!!! Xoxo

September 14 at 8:18pm via mobile · Like..

Marienelly Collado Its only one life ..ur life , only one journey ..ur journey. .for whoever so has the ordasity to judge u shall be judge harshly….totally agree with Eric….misery loves company and right now its try its best to shake u..continue to stand firm in faith with God as u have already shaken up the enemy and proven to him/they/she/ it…that u r a warror equipped with the Amour of ur Heavenly Father keep soaring like the eagle way up higher than the mountains daughter of zion no one cant stop U…blessed to have crossed paths with u even thru I pray and know our faithful father one day will allow us the chance sit down and meet..respond to her telling her that u forgive her as well love her Christ enough to keep ur permanent distance…for ur own peace dont just not respond…tqm.xoxo..justkeepswimming ..

September 14 at 8:19pm via mobile · Like · 3..

Lee Kenia Dear, first, you know in your heart what is right and true and who you belong to. There are people who prefer to remain private- especially those in the older generation who were raised to keep their business to themselves, and who are completely aghast at anyone sharing their thoughts on the Internet. Pray for this woman. She is poor in spirit, lacks compassion and has deep anger. I am praying that you shake off her hurtful words. Keep your eyes on The Lord and your thoughts and heart on what you know to be right and true – that You are a beautiful child of God who is a strong and loving mother living with the loss of your true love in the best way you can, and blessing US, your friends and neighbors, every day with your hard won insights and wisdom.
Maybe in time, – through your eyes- this person will come to know John Marlon and the faithful Christian father he became.
Love you. xx

September 14 at 8:26pm via mobile · Like · 6..

Raquel Hernandez Keep those posts coming! Through your healing you are healing others. God is using u and it gives your husbands life and death much meaning when it can uplift others. GOD BLESS YOU and continue your journey!

September 14 at 8:28pm via mobile · Like · 1..
Kenia Nunez-Suaza I am in awe at the love you guys have showered me with. I receive negative feedback here and there, but I just brush it off, but this was indeed the most vicious feedback. It was brutal in its entirety. I keep reading your comments and I thank God for putting all of you in my life. It is not my intention to glorify death, I feared death my entire life. It is my hope to share that we can overcome anything and everything if we place our trust in God. Thank you for recognizing that my Christian faith is at the center of this the journey that I did not choose for myself. I know some of you may be going through things at this very moment, and just remember to stay in faith, and surrender your worries to God those things that you cannot control. I am living proof that God will see you through. I have joy and peace in my heart even through my grieving. There are not enough thank you’s to say how blessed I am to have you take time out of your day to lift me up!

September 14 at 8:55pm · Like · 18..

Virginia Mora Drop the negative people out of your life. They have no rightful place in it anyway. They need to evolve and get with the times. What does she want you to be? A broken useless person sobbing every night wrapped in your black ankle length garments? It goes back to that saying– if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all… You’re awesome, stay true to you and move forward.

September 14 at 9:00pm via mobile · Like..

Jareliz Velazquez Well said!!! May God’s blessings continue to pour over your family!

September 14 at 9:01pm via mobile · Like..

Dinorah Gonzalez People especially family are always ready to judge and criticize. But few are there when u need them. U are amazing and an inspiration. I don’t stop talking to everyone about u. So u keep doing what u do. Inspire the world!

September 14 at 9:03pm via mobile · Like..

Diana Super Haters are gonna hate Kenia. Continue to bless others as God has blessed you. Your story and your courage helps us all be a better version of ourselves. I am grateful to have met you, even if it’s only virtually. Lol

September 14 at 9:12pm via mobile · Like · 1..

Hector Lopez Continue to be You. “Have Faith, Not Fear”

September 14 at 9:13pm via mobile · Like · 1..

Tiffany Knight Your dedication to your family & healing process is so inspiring. Stay true to what your heart is telling. No one. No one can tell you how to heal they aren’t YOU. And they aren’t having YOUR experience. Keep sharing. It’s your gift to this world.

September 14 at 9:22pm via mobile · Like..

Sandra Rodriguez Continue to be the way you are and ignore ignorant people who judge without knowing you

September 14 at 9:36pm via mobile · Like..

Maria Perez Kenia Kenia Kenia…. Always so on point!!! Keep riding this out… Your way!!!! God’s way because he’s shining on you, blessing you. God Bless you… Keep that peace in your heart & mind… You have three beautiful reasons to keep standing strong… Ava, Natalia & Marken are so blessed!!!!!

September 14 at 9:39pm via mobile · Like · 1..

Julissa Tineo-Tomala I am grateful you are who you are, I am sadden when I think of what bought you to be this way but I look forward to your post daily and to see your smile and the smile of your kids. I see LOVE in you and them and your spirituality is so comforting in so many aspects of my life and like someone said

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