Eternity is not just a cologne

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click this site I think when someone you love dies, your senses become heightened. I find myself staring at the sky, appreciating the rain, listening to the birds, watching butterflies and looking out for cardinal that visits us often. I now also know his scent. Yep, it only took 15 years to figure that one out. He knew every detail about what I loved and disliked. He studied me like a map…and tried to please me with anything my heart desired and then some. He’s lucky I was a woman who held her own and who had no desire to be fulfilled by material things..otherwise, yikes for him!

site de rencontre flash love I married with the idea that my husband will always need to love me more than I love him. I made every effort to drive that point home whenever I could. Talk about being arrogantly insecure.

site de rencontre sexe 100 pour 100 gratuit Protecting your heart from being hurt is pretty silly when you think about it- because your heart is already pretty damaged to begin with if that’s your take on love. Love hard or don’t love at all. You will never be fulfilled if you half-a@@ it. NEVER!

his response I am so glad I got to give him hundreds of kisses and hugs and look into those gorgeous green eyes and make peace with my mistakes as he did with his.

from this source His scent is healing and Eternity is very fitting for the place he holds in my heart now and forever.

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