When memories are all that remain, you will wish that…


Day 8: Lessons of my journey.

When memories are all that remain, you will wish:

1- You took more pics and videos

You will wish….
2- You saved, archived, printed and backed up the backup file to avoid losing memories that you can never recover.

You will wish…
3 – You tranferred old videos. (some old videos can become damaged or erased altogether)

Social media only captures a snapshot of our life…Don’t rely on your social media page for those memories and videos that will matter to you and your family in years to come. On social media we post what we want the world to see. Don’t forget to capture and preserve the memories that matter to you.

A little organization will preserve memories for generations far beyond our lifetime.

Not to mention…It is painful to scramble for pictures and videos when your heart is already in a million pieces.

Hope you had a good day and thank you for lifting my spirits yesterday. It truly helped more than you can imagine.

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