Do you believe? Do you?


Just simply BELIEVE! Believe that all things are possible, that miracles can happen, that there is a God that has the final word, that today does not define your tomorrow. I will be a book spoiler and let you know that the first sentence of my book reads “By way of his death, he gave me life.” Did I think that husband’s death would breathe life into my soul? Never! However, I never doubted that God would carry me through this tragedy but I didn’t know how. In looking back – I guess I really didn’t have to know, I just had to believe in faith that he would.

One post written almost a year ago, evolved into many posts and now a completed book. What would have happened if I said…my grammar sucks, I’m not a writer, who would want to publish it, who would want to read my life story? Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way and let God’s work and will be done. We don’t always have to know the answer – we just have to have a clear and concise vision and believe that greatness and miracles just don’t happen to other people. We are all God’s children. BELIEVE!

Sorry I was super late for Friday’s post. Is anyone up?

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