Social Media – Drama for your mama!

socialmediaDay 36: Lessons of my journey

Social Media can bring people together, but unfortunately it can also tear them apart. Social media time should be scheduled around your priorities and not instead of them.

I had an earth shattering moment when Marlon had stage IV Cancer and SECRETLY hid it from me. One night we were laying in bed watching Duck Dynasty and I was multi-tasking and browsing through facebook. Night after night this had become the norm, until one day he had enough of my present and absent ways.

He looked at me and pleaded, “do me a favor, put your phone away – you can be on facebook all you want when I die.” At that moment my world shattered. I realized that the time I could have been cuddled in my husband’s arms, I was instead using the time to live in a virtual world of strangers’ newsfeeds. My husband lived another 6 months after I deactivated my facebook account. I returned to facebook two days before he passed away.

Now…you all know that I live and breathe facebook, and I could not imagine life without social media. Next to God, facebook (you guys) have been the single most important source of healing in my life. However, what you may not know about me is that I have a good balance on how I handle social media. I actually schedule time around my family to be on social media.

Is social media lifting you up while weighing your relationships down? This question may be insignificant to you, but it may be monumental to someone who needs your love and undivided attention.

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