Happy 14th Anniversary To Us!


Happy 14th wedding anniversary to us! Thirteen years of marriage here on Earth..and our first of many in a long distance relationship. I am completely at peace this morning.

He left this Earth knowing that I inherited his strength and so much of his fearlessness. When I told him it was ok to leave us, he smiled the biggest smile and said “I know.”

He was my greatest teacher, and the strongest man I have ever met. As death knocked louder and harder, he shared that same familiar smile, and his sparkling green eyes lit up when he said he was ready to go. He must have seen something so incredibly beautiful. He was even reaching for it.

I can celebrate and embrace my life without him, because he would be dissapointed if I did it any other way.

He will forever be my husband and I will forever be his student. He continues to teach me every day – and through those lessons that I am sharing – his legacy lives on.

Day 35: Lessons of my journey:

Finding the courage to move on! He found the courage to move on into his life anew with grace and faith, and I am left here with our 3 children also moving forward in faith, and discovering and uncovering the extraordinary blessings by way of my pain.

Happy Anniversary my love!

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