Forgiving myself

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source url Day 33: Lessons of my Journey

go – Forgiving yourself. The moment you realize that you didn’t look at your calendar because it’s the weekend and there ain’t nothin goin on…AND THEN you realize you missed a major milestone in your daughter’s life. Thankfully she said “it’s ok mom” and has moved on to watching funny videos on youtube.

follow site I’m taking notes from Natalia because right now I want to kick my own a@@!

We can learn so much from children. They are resilient and forgive so easily. They rebound and don’t even remember what they were mad or upset about last week.

citas con chicas de el salvador If you want to learn how to forgive yourself and others – just watch how children go about it and how quickly they recover.

rencontre femmes française pour mariage We all need more child-like wonderment in our lives, there would be less stress and more room for joy! Stuff happens…what can you do but keep it moving! Forgive yourself for WHATEVER is weighing heavy on your heart! You cant change the past, you can only learn from it. I’m working on my own forgiveness as we speak.

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