Silence is Golden


Silence is Golden.

There are always 2 sides to every story, and if we learn to ask questions and let others talk, we will not only get the truth – but we will avoid embarrassment, regret.and having to serve up a really good apology.

Wow this one is a tough one for me because although I have grown tremendously, the moment I feel someone has wronged me – I tend to ASSume, and in assuming I react without thinking things entirely through. Even though i have every right to be upset, I always tend to feel winded and exhausted after giving someone a piece of my mind.

Sometimes it is so incredibly hard to bite our tongue, or sleep on a problem – but the truth is that reacting in the heat of the moment will only create a negative force around you and NOT the other person. YOU become your own negative force.

Let that crazy driver on the highway pass you by and smile. Most of the time we yell through the closed glass and those negative vibrations stay in our very own vehicle. Let the nasty clerk off the hook as well – your silence and a simple smile may transform their day; let your pissed off spouse get a pass and give him/her a hug and walk away. Don’t assume everyone is out to get you and wrong you….you truly do more than ASSume. Silence will never steer you wrong in the heat of the moment, you will only have time for clarity.

When you don’t know what to say or how it will be received. Sleep on it. Right that email or text but don’t send it, call a grounded friend and tell them how you feel before jumping the gun. My lack of emotional control nearly cost me my marriage, and my sanity, and when I get a flashback of those.moments I can’t help to take notice of the hole in my heart.

Although my moments where I lack emotional self control are far and few, I am human and I continue to grow and work hard in this area. We all have that cray cray person living in us…and if we can recognize that she exists, we can control her that much easier. My crazy girl.showed up this week.

I may name her so I can identify her quickly when she attempts to make a debut. I think I’ll call her Kiki.

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