De-clutter for goodness sakes!

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important source Day 27: Lessons of my Journey
(I know I missed 7 days…i will take on in one post at the end)

binäre optionen 100 startguthaben De-clutter your life!

rencontre gay le mans When we have clutter in our life it is trying to speak to us. It’s saying one of three things:

useful reference 1- You are overweight
2 – You are overwhelmed
3- You are overspending/over indulging

free dating sites in barbados Sometimes.we tend to hold.on to things for emotional reasons, and instead of these items freeing us, they actually imprison us because they hold us hostage by keeping us stuck in time and overtaking much needed space.

vigora spray price 1- If you haven’t worn it in a year…donate it.

2. If you find yourself buying things that you know you already have, you are overspending and becoming a secret hoarder.

3. Take pictures of items instead of keeping everything that is sentimental. By keeping the picture you are still maintaining the memory.

4. If shopping is your vice, really stop to think what void you are trying to fill or what problem you are trying to avoid by doing so. The problem will not go away no matter how much you shop.

5. If you find yourself growing out of.your clothes and you are no longer a growing child. Give yourself a reality check. Getting bigger is not only costing you, but it may also cost you your health and possibly even your life. The growing midsection is a dead giveaway that you are not living your healthiest life.

6. Go through your email and organize them by sender…start deleting away, and filing things you want to keep. You will feel so much lighter and actually be able to respond to people when they do email you as they won’t be lost in a sea of trash emails.

7. Donate donate donate! Your trash is someone else’s blessing.

8. Papers! Why do we hold on to every single sheet as if we didn’t live in a digital era?. ..go through your documents and have a shredding party. Let’s face it.. if you were looking for that one piece of paper in your mounds of paperwork. How quickly could you find it. De cluttering will save you time going on a scavenger hunt.

I am still a work in progress in this area, and after experiencing loss, I want to hold on to every sneaker, every paper, everything! However every time I throw out I free myself from the past and give myself permission to move forward.

De – cluttering will give you more time, more money, more space, more clarity, more freedom, more peace.

Instead of cleaning your house spic and span and faking the funk…open one closet or one drawer at a time and begin this freeing experience.

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