Winning in life!

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Day 20 – Lessons of my Journey:

Surround yourself with like minded people who want you to succeed.

When Marlon died I wanted to quit my hobby as a beachbody coach. Until recently I questioned my ability to help others live their best life maybe because somewhere in the back of my mind I really thought I could save my husband’s life. I lost my umph to help people on a coaching level. As a matter of fact I lost my biggest supporter, my husband.

Recently I had two fellow coaches approach me that are doing exceptionally well in the business and basically questioned why I had lost my passion for coaching. They made me think…and I’ve been thinking ever since.

As we prepare to hit the open seas, I had a thought… what other job in the world rewards you for transforming and saving lives with a free vacation for your family? I just don’t know. I think this hobby is about to become my career. As a matter of fact I know it.

When you surround yourself with like minded people you don’t have competitors, you acquire allies, mentors, family, people who want you to experience your fullest potential.

When you surround yourself with haters people who are toxic and are threatened by your success you limit your ability to rise above your limited beliefs.

Photo: Girls running rampant on the ship and Marken passed out after eating too much!

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