Let your hair out – don’t take life so seriously!


Don’t take life so seriously and for goodness sake let my hair out!

Only my closest circle knows that for the last week I have been physically and mentally exhausted. I had the most excruciating neck pain imaginable and I literally thought that I injured myself to the point that I would need surgery…and here is the kicker – it wasn’t from working out! I am almost certain it was emotional. Between Marlon’s birthday and the pressure of sending back my final edits to publisher so that my book can make my self imposed May 7th deadline, I ran myself into a brick wall; the way my neck felt it might as well have been literal.

I always preach to others to keep things in perspective, not to stress the small stuff, and I am pretty awesome at following my own advice 90% of the time, but newsflash I think I’m human:)

Sometimes in life we are so wrapped up in the moment, that everything and anything seems urgent. We end up in a state of emergency and if we really step back – the darn things can wait. Stress causes physical pain for a reason – it’s a warning to chill! Long term stress can cause chronic illness or send you to an early grave. I say that because I truly believe Cancer was able to attack my husband’s immune system due to the high level of stress he had at work.

I created this perfect image in my head that on May 7th the day of Marlon’s one year anniversary I would also have my book released. After having my physical breakdown last week, I realized that wanting my book to be released that day is not only ridiculous but it is a distraction. Why would I want my book released on the day that I should be bonding and healing with my children?

In putting it all in perspective, I will be taking my manuscript on vacation with me to Mexico and I will read it by the beach and take it all in for the last time before it heads to print. I have to remember the simple concept of K.I.S.S. that I learned in college – keep it simple stupid! Don’t complicate life and for sure don’t take it so seriously. Oh yeah, and let your darn hair out girl…it’s pretty!

Picture: Age 22 – carefree on vacation in PR.

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