» Your body is your temple

Your body is your temple

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slot crazy Take care of your body for all of the right reasons!

Al Buraymī casumo blackjack As many of you know I lost 50 pounds working out and eating clean, and went from a size 10 to a size 2 in 5 months. I didn’t start working out to necessarily lose weight, I just started exercising to escape from the pain my heart could no longer bear. Yes, I am thrilled with my results, but the things that bring me the most joy about my transformation is how it has helped me family.

Baiyin black guy dating white girl movie 2017 When my 6’1 husband could no longer walk on his own, bathe himself, or even sit up, I was able to preserve his dignity by being the caregiver he needed. My husband was a man who was in his final days, but his pride was still in tact. Although I was just 120 pounds, I could lift, prop, gently place him in his bath, effortlessly maneuver his body like no one else could. Marlon refused for anyone else to help, not even his strong and muscular friends – he would always respond “Kenia got it” – and I always did! I never let him fall. God prepared me physically so that I could be blessed with the gift of caring for him when he needed me the most.

Udomlya gay matchmaking near new westminster I love going to my kids activities and well…kinda showing off whenever there is a physical activity involved. You can see the light in my children’s eyes, when the other kids are so impressed with their mom (ME)! When we go to parties at those bouncy house places, my kids always want me to race with the fastest kid or teenager and more often than not – I always beat them. Since my kids don’t have their athletic dad anymore, I am so beyond thrilled that to a certain extent I can make up for that hole in a small way.

gay dating free long island city new york I just wanted to share that when you improve on your health, you do it for your entire family – not just for you. You may not understand how or why, but not until you start making changes will you see the amazing benefits. If there is anything I can share to help you make changes in your life – pls inbox me. I’m all about sharing resources.

Wishing you all a peaceful night. I’m missing my hubby tonight – but I’m cool!

Night night!

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