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index Day 11 – Lessons of my Journey

rencontres synonyme No matter where you are in life at this very moment – it is just temporary. We will all experience the highest of highs on our journey, and we will all inevitably experience the lowest of lows. None of us are immune. This is why it is important to serve, to donate, to volunteer to pray and to lift those that need us in their darkest hour, for we truly do not know if we will be wearing that very shoe one day.

site rencontre pour ado gratuits When we serve, we serve God and we learn compassion. Through compassion we do our small part in changing the world one person at a time. If you have no money, if you have no time, if you don’t know where to start – you can still serve. In this amazing age of social media you can show your compassion for someone just by a simple click. I ask that you all flex your compassion muscle this evening and please go to the link below and like the page Kidney for Kinsey. She is a beautiful little girl, a warrior angel that is fighting for her life waiting for a kidney donor. If this was my child I would move mountains to bring awareness to save my child’s life. I’m sure you would do the same.

site de rencontre francais a l'etranger Please show support just as you would hope someone would do for your family. God bless you all!

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