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why not try this out This may not be my most popular post, but I promise you it is the most powerful, so I urge you to read on. This can literally save the life of someone you love. In a nutshell:

helpful resources What is alkaline? Refers to the pH levels in your body. Why is alkaline important? Cancer and many other chronic illnesses cannot live in a body that is rich in alkaline. Countless people have stopped their Cancer from growing and some have even reversed it by changing their diet. Cancer loves acidic bodies! Personal note: We extended my husband’s life by 5 months when he was given 2 weeks to live by adapting an alkalized diet.

Discover More Also, eating more alkalized foods will help you lose weight, and once you do, you will no longer struggle with gaining it back; you will have more energy; you will have more clarity and better mood, AND you will need less sleep, so you can gain some hours during the day to conquer the world!

rencontre amicale avec femme maroc How do you fuel your body with more alkaline?
Eat/drink those fruits and veggies! For example your plate should be filled with 80% alkalized foods (vegetables), and 20% of the other stuff, and not the other way around. Your vegetables are not just for adorning your plate.

blog here How do you know if your body is alkalized or acidic? Well, answer this question….what food are you craving right now? If you said anything that is not a fruit or a veggie….your body is most likely ACIDIC! That is a warning sign within itself.

Below are some resources to empower you with information that you will need for the rest of your life. If are struggling with your health, with being tired all the time, with lack of focus, with your weight…don’t just zoom past this post – THIS ONE IS MEANT FOR YOU!

Cheers to a long beautiful and healthy life!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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