Digestable advice

The period of lent is a wonderful reminder that we can all reflect inward and make some changes in our life – even if you are not Catholic. 40 days of doing or undoing anything can change your life in ways that you could never and would never imagine. Last year during this time I gave up social media. This year I will do the complete opposite. I will give back on social media. For 40 days I will share the lessons of my personal journey in digestible one to two sentence bites.

Writing these lessons is the sweetest form of redemption because in sharing – I am also resurrecting!

I truly hope that something I share in the next 40 days will ignite something in your soul.

Since I missed yesterday, I will post twice today:

Day 1: Redemption to Resurrection

“When your spouse gets home tonight, greet him/her with the same warmth, the same smile, the same enthusiasm, the same twinkle in your eye as you would greet a long lost and dear friend that you haven’t seen in 10 years”

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