Darn you Phillip Phillips!

http://www.tsv-warthausen.de/prikotre/1274 Can someone please pick my heart up of the floor? I just heard Gone, Gone, Gone after not hearing it for months. The pain is deep. I was going to write a long winded blog about how Time DOES NOT Heal all wounds tomorrow, but I guess it was meant for me to share today.

enter site When someone has experienced loss and you don’t know what to say- words don’t need to be spoken, a hug, a meal, a kind gesture will do. I may be strong but I promise you that a day does not go by when my heart does not feel my tremendous loss. Pastor Rick Warren said it best when he said “we never get over grief, we just get through it.”

http://www.catalunyacamina.org/?filtraciya=como-hago-para-conocer-mas-gente&e2a=c8 If anyone needs to be reminded of how precious life is – please look (or take another look) at this video in honor of the once 5th member of our family. There are 2 videos back to back – there is another song after Gone, Gone, Gone.

http://asiaautomotive.com.sg/macros/6314 I miss him terribly right now. Darn you Phillip Phillips!