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Good morning guys! I want to share a little something that I use to struggle with the thought of…and that is having a cleaning lady. I use to think that women who had help were “princesses”…yes all the while I thought this, I was complaining to my husband, yelling at my children, pissed off at myself for not having it together and honestly a little jealous of women who seemed to have those immaculate homes. Along the way I discovered a little secret…that most of those women who have clean clothes for their children, clean walls, no dustballs and welcoming homes….have a cleaning lady! What what? Yep…they do! I got bold enough to ask a few how do they do it all….and some were happy to share and shocked I didn’t have one. I had another friend who never told me how she did it even after I asked, but I happened to be in her house when her cleaning lady showed up:) Ladies complaining to your man about how much you do is not cute. You need to be the person that man wants to run home to everyday with joy in his heart. If he does not feel that now…its not going to get any better. Don’t let it get out of control like I did. God bless my husband who 80% of the time had to prepare for the wrath of Kenia as I unleashed my pity party on him day in and day out of how I was not appreciated. If this describes you…do something about it. It’s time to delegate or cut other things out of your life so you can spend $80 to $100 bucks a month to regain some sanity and have some quality time with your loved ones to do things that bring you closer together and not further apart.

Although I am now single…my children deserve some quality time and with all I have going on I made it a point to afford a cleaning lady at least once a month. I’m thinking twice….but tbc….

With a clean house…it was mommy and daughter time. Ava decided on pedicures for us both.

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  • I just had my house cleaned for the first time! I can’t do everything and that’s ok.

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