Christmas Decorating Dec 1 Today I decorated with my kids and couldn’t find 3/4 of our decorations because only John-Marlon would know where they are buried in the garage- so we did with what we had and the job was not too shabby. The old me was so concerned about keeping up to everyone else’s pace, and THAT was a horror show for my emotional well being. If stress has overcome you this holiday season, as it always did me – just STOP…and really think about what the purpose of CHRISTmas is all about. I don’t think my kids will remember that our Christmas tree in 2013 was not award winning, but 20 years from now they will most likely still remember the hot chocolate and the hugs I am about to shower them with in the next 5 minutes. Living in the moment, is the greatest gift of all. Don’t let insignificant stress steal your joy, which in turn robs your children of their joy. Keep things in perspective. Happy Holidays!