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CHOICES: By definition means an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities – the definition also states “the choice between good and evil.” Even when a decision is not based on good and evil, the impact of NOT making a decision can make your soul and heart feel as if they are at war. Choices can be difficult, but not making one can have a much greater impact on your inner-peace. For example, if you are overweight and you choose not to make a choice to change, you are choosing to live in that zone of discomfort – it will always nag at you until you surrender in defeat or claim victory over it. The same goes for the love we pour into our marriage, the bond we create with our children, the company we keep, etc. There are certainly things that unfortunately we have ZERO control over, and that is when we surrender to God.

What is tugging at your heart this morning, what is trapping your soul leaving you unfulfilled? Really think about it and begin to get an action plan in place. When you make a choice, you are holding yourself accountable for that decision – good, bad or ugly; and THAT is why many of us don’t make choices because we don’t want to be held responsible for making a wrong one. FEAR is paralyzing.

I asked what major decisions you have had to make, and although I don’t expect you to share, here are the top 3 that my husband and I had to make, and I speak for both of us when I say…they were great ones! Unfortunately, our decision has caused some to live in sorrow, anger, resent, regret, guilt, frustration, denial and sadly ignorance – but that is not my problem to deal with.

1- To place John-Marlon in Hospice for the final week of his life so that he we can bond as a family with support 24/7. Doctors had given up hope months before, but we went into Hospice surrendering to God’s will as we prayed for healing, but HIS will was to take his son. God took his life but rewarded us with a peaceful death. He took his final breath with a beautiful exhale that I could not only hear, but feel. I was blessed to watch the miracle of him leaving the Earth to go home.

2-Cremating Marlon- we decided as a couple that we did not want our children grieving over a grave. We recognized that his spirit will not live 6 feet under, but will be with us wherever we are.

3- For me to celebrate life – The act of him letting me know that it was ok to live after his death is an act of selflessness. The act of me obeying is also selfless. It is much easier to fall into depression and inner turmoil. I have been there – I know!

CHOICES ARE LIBERATING! Go out and make one today!

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