Cheers to Life and Beyond

white zinfandel

Today I took a few minutes to watch my wedding video and I had a bit of an out of body experience. I looked at the beautiful girl in the video and couldn’t help to want to rewind the clock and perhaps give that young girl some advice. If I could – I would tell her to look deeper into her husband’s beautiful eyes, to offer to drive on long trips, to laugh a little louder, to hug a little tighter, and fight a little wiser. To find a purpose that fulfilled her soul – so that her husband can be an added blessing to her life, and not her everything. I would tell this young girl to live her life as if she only had 13 years with her soul mate. I wish I could, but the clock is never meant to be reversed for a reason. Our experiences make us who we are.

Through God’s grace, I was able to become the very woman that I hoped that girl could be. It took a tragedy for me to transform from living, to living with purpose, but I did it!

John-Marlon stared at death in its face, and instead of fearing it, he embraced it. He repeatedly told me that he was ready to go and sometimes said it with the biggest smile; however, before he said goodbye, we cheered to life with a little white zinfandel.

(Picture taken 36 hours before he passed)

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