Changing lives as I change my own


I had a very controlling personality…it was paralyzing to say the least. Ever since Marlon passed away, I have relinquished control of many, many things..because I realized that the more controlling I was, the more my life spiraled out of control. Funny how the moment I let go of control, was the moment that I regained all control of my life. I live my life guided by a higher force. You know that “gut” feeling you have – well…that is not your “gut” feeling, that is God speaking to you – the problem is that sometimes we are so self absorbed that we forget that there is an existence bigger than us guiding us every step of the way. Without knowing we say – God, step aside, I got this, I’ll figure it out because you obviously have no clue what you’re doing. When we do this, we are pulling further away from our divine destiny. When you are obedient and follow in faith, God rewards us abundantly. A few weeks ago I literally heard God’s voice speak to me and told me to quit my job. I of course questioned it, but it made total sense. God knew that me being someone’s secretary was not what he created me for…and within days I resigned. God sees things for us that we cannot possibly envision for ourselves. Our dreams ‘ain’t’ got nothing on what God dreams up for us. Each and every day I am being blessed with the rewards of that obedience…and today it has presented itself in my business. When Marlon was sick, I began to work out and change my lifestyle. At the time I worked a full time job sometimes working 10 and 11 hours a day. As I began to change my life I realized I could also teach others to do the same. I in turn decided this would be my hobby to distract me from the reality of my life. My dental hygienist Lucrezia was one of those women who trusted me to help her. Not only did this mother of 3 boys under 3 years at the time lose 80 pounds, but in the process she decided to join me as my business partner to do the same because so many were inspired by her journey. As a Beachbody coach Lucrezia recently achieved Diamond status after helping other women regain their self worth, and by way of her promotion, I was promoted to become a ONE STAR Beachbody Coach. What does all this mean? It means that I am ever so close to matching the salary that I earned at my corporate job. I guess God was right! Changing lives and changing my families in the process. Ammmmazing!

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