13th Jul 2014

Meditate, meditate, meditate! Like, for real!

http://feelgoodbiochem.com/?milforw=site-de-rencontre-fort-mcmurray&18a=44 Anxiety for everyone is different, for me personally when I feel anxiety setting in, I know that it’s not a condition I have, but a state of mind I am...

23rd Aug 2013

Bereavement Camp! Angels here on Earth

like it Sweet morning as I dropped off kids for bereavement camp at hospital John-Marlon passed away at. I am grateful to live in a country where my kids can have a...

14th Aug 2013

5 hour flight delay and all SMILES

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24th Jun 2013

My kitchen falling apart is a reminder that I am not!

https://allerweltshaus.de/gildo/3963 I am letting my kitchen fall apart as a reminder that I am not! Ever since Marlon passed away, I have had this deep desire to give my kitchen a...

05th Jun 2013

Touching a Stranger’s Heart

find The very day John-Marlon passed away I went shopping at 8pm that night for my white suit and white dress for his funeral and celebration. I have no idea how...

05th Jun 2013

Are you afraid of the Dark?

http://salsiando.com/finelit/4440 When John-Marlon was alive…I use to fear the dark. He would ask me for something to drink – and walking downstairs in the dark was like him asking me for...

05th Jun 2013

Cherishing Memories versus Keeping Liabilities

http://devrimcicephe.org/vistawkoe/13 The store is officially closed! Great memories in Astoria! Sometimes you just have to let go and hold on to memories. At a young 18 years of age…he opened his...

05th Jun 2013

Take a peak – even if it’s through your tears!

this contact form These sneakers are approved by me! These are the bad boys I will use for Spartan race. Inov8! Today is June 1st…and it’s officially a different month since my hubby...

15th Feb 2013

Abuela’s cooking is not just a traditional thing….it’s a healing thing!

http://www.anco-ne.ch/site/malki/7332 Childhood memories of food bring me back to Chef Boyardee, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Not because my mom was a bad cook, but because I was a latchkey kid who...

13th Feb 2013

Alkaline can save your life AND trim your waist line!

qu'elle est le meilleur site de rencontre gratuit Friends, did you know that disease cannot live in a body that is rich in alkaline; did you also know that having an alkaline diet is also one of the...