16th Jan 2015

Does this outfit look ok?

http://emirecycling.com/90439-vigamox-eye-drops-price-in-india.html repair Good Day Friends! Enjoying this beautiful day doing absolutely nothing. That is sooooo hard for me to say and even more so to do. I barely packed clothes for our...

rencontre agoraphobe
16th Jan 2015

When you are reminded that you are alone

manufacture exelon stock price history I just fell from the top step and bounced/ crashed all the way to the bottom step. All I have to say is thank you God I did not break...

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06th Oct 2014

What mask are you wearing for the world?

http://renodocs.com/43236-abilify-price.html spearhead I want to share something a little deeper that happened at my women’s church retreat. The theme of the retreat was removing the masks that we wear. I didn’t have...

06th Oct 2014

Self-Care from the Inside Out

retin a micro price merge I have proudly proclaimed in the past that I am not a girly girl. If you catch me on any given day, I am in yoga pants and a t-shirt....

21st Sep 2014

Kids and Nutrition

learn http://mail.mylifept.com/45800-arimidex-cost.html I took my kids to the movies tonight to watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (Part 2) – and there were only 5 other people in the theater – kind...

site de rencontre pour tous les pays
21st Sep 2014

What is Strength?

houston texas mature black dating What is strength? ” the ability to resist being moved or broken by a force.” (Webster definition) We continue to visit the hospital in which Marlon died. My kids get...

21st Sep 2014

Nutrition is Everything

best dating sites nl When Marlon was given 2 weeks to live after being put through chemo hell, I turned to nutrition to help our family gain some extra time. With the little bit...

23rd Aug 2014

A Farewell Letter to my 30’s

singletreff meschede A letter to my 30’s. Dear 30’s: You broke me down and made me beg on my knees for mercy. You raised me up and showed me that I am...

23rd Aug 2014

Out with the Old – In with the New

https://distillery244.com/frnew1/7691 Prepping for my 40th. Out with the old! Out with the bed that held sickness, out with the oversized recliner that has now become an eye soar, out with everything...

23rd Aug 2014

Revisiting a Familiar Place

site de rencontre age moyen Since my 40th bday this Sunday – I booked a mammogram around this time because it is symbolic of me not forgetting to take care of myself. When I drove...