Breaking Bad

click now sept 15
Breaking Bad statuses are breaking my heart! Well, not quite breaking my heart, but shoot making me reflect big time. Breaking Bad was one of Marlon’s favorite shows and he begged me to watch it with him, but after 5 minutes of watching it wasn’t my cup of tea so I would get on facebook instead. I caught my son Marken a few times secretly watching Breaking Bad and told him to take it off asap. He said mom its rated TV14, but I didnt care. I have just decided to have a weekly date with Marken to watch Breaking Bad. I may be the only person watching crying throughout the entire episode.

check Watching tv with your spouse may seem insignificant, and some of us ladies may prefer to use that time to bond and talk about feelings.. but as I am about to lay down to sleep- I promise you that those moments are just as precious.

see this page Like father like son – Breaking Bad… here we come!