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Between a rock and a hard place

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price of paxlovid in canada Meneméni Hi beautiful friends! I hope you had an amazing weekend. Today I returned from our awesome women’s retreat with some fabulous ladies I invited to my Poconos home. 2 out 3 ladies were strangers I met via Facebook. I know crazy! We laughed, we cried, we we were silly. I feel so refreshed and I am ready to take on the week with a clear mind.

price of paxlovid in uk As you guys wind down on this Sunday- take notice of the middle picture in this collage. There is a most beautiful flower between a rock and a hard place (another rock) and the beauty, the growth, the perseverance to live is just pure magic. This miracle in my own backyard will forever remind me that life is just the same. No matter how hard things get, – there is always an opportunity to grow in that very, tight and suffocating space. It’s a matter of moving forward in faith even when the odds are against you. Seems simple…but it’s so true…and this picture proves just that.

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