Bereavement Counseling – Day 1

Oct 7 counseling
We just returned from 1st day at their new bereavement counseling and they had fun in their group counseling – but I am not surprised. On the ride home after a Red Mango pit-stop, I took the time to explain to my kids that I have made the choice to cut ties with their father’s family, and as they ate their yogurt one of my kids said “why, they’re made at you because you’re not suffering the way they are?” but before I could answer, one of my other kids said, “they were never there for us anyway”; and with that we were interrupted with Phillip Phillips song “Home” it wasn’t Gone, Gone, Gone but it was close. We sang all the way home.

Sometimes we want to shelter our kids and keep the blinders on, but I choose to teach them that when people are toxic in your life and do not wish you well, you must disengage even if they are family. Greatness and your life purpose cannot be fulfilled when you allow other people to steal your light. I ask for guidance everyday from God and Marlon and this is what spoke to my heart today – to be honest to with my children.
Today Ava jumped in the car after school and said guess what song has been in my head all day – all day mom I can’t get it out of my head. I guessed Gone, Gone, Gone – and she smiled and said yep! Funny she has no idea today marks 5 months. I just got home and an old friend sent me this video and it reminds me that the song Ava could not get out of her head, and those knocks on my door when no one is on the other side, or the butterflies that physically touch my children and the countless other signs I am sent are not by coincidence – they come directly from Marlon. For anyone that has lost a loved one, watch this video (less than 2 minutes) it will bring you pure joy in knowing your loved ones are constantly reminding us of their love for us.

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