Being afraid of love, is being afraid to live

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site rencontre jeune professionnel I recently realized that I am afraid to expose my heart. I don’t want to “like” anyone at the risk of getting hurt. It has taken everything in my soul to build this bad ass woman- and I am insanely afraid to be vulnerable. Do I trust myself not to topple like a house of cards? By the way, for me to admit that – I had to put my ego way on the side.

free dating website israel Being afraid to LOVE is being afraid to LIVE – and if I don’t understand that simple concept – then I have learned nothing at all – because in the end LOVE is all that truly matters. So friends I share this in case you are in a marriage where you are holding back your heart as collateral, or single and protecting yours from pain. To this I say – cheers to butterflies in your stomach, heartbreaks with lessons, experiences that transform you, love that overflows with joy and laughter, and most importantly let’s celebrate living in the freakin’ present! LIVE unapologetically and LOVE fearlessly. In the end it will be worth it- every single part of it. I’ve been there – I know for a fact!